Friday, July 10, 2009

brief update

Not a lot to report. At the last race, when the reffing was done, I went out for a couple of slow, cautious laps. The bike turned and stopped as it should, and acceleration was better with the jetting. Still the BSR 36 -- really want to get the CVK40 installed and figured out. My first try with a dodgy example of the 40mm carb led to copius flooding. Problems with the float vavle... when I priced out a new float valve, seat, etc.... just bought another (newer this time) carb off of ebay.

Temps didn't get past 65 celcius (hooray!) so I think the rad will suffice. Will need to put more revs into it before I make a final decision.

Installed my APE manual cam chain tensioner. Piece of mind -- the stock camchain tensioners in the pre-2003 models were known to fail with expensive consequences.

In other news, a plan to make a few repairs to the deck out back of the house has turned into a complete teardown and rebuild. A tip -- DO NOT coat your back deck with 2 sheets of plywood and indoor linoleum. It lasts for about a year, and then turns to mush. Lucky we didn't fall through... everything had rotted! That may take up a significant amount of my time over the next while.

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