Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some pictures

OK, Ducati first. Yep, I'm really proud of the swingarm. So, why is it not licenced yet? Don't get me started. It appears that a blithe comment by an MPI employee (referring to Carfax) has everyone up in arms and the process has been halted until what "Carfax" means has been figured out. I LOVE BUREAUCRACY!

RHS -- still not done -- have a few cosmetic things in mind. As is, it's saftied.

LHS Rear. Just not registered yet. Good things come to those who blah, blah, blah.

Now the mono -- I hated where the oil evap tank was mounted, so I found another spot for it. This might be temporary, as I've posted the pics on the Thumpertalk forum to see what they think. I've never used an evap tank before -- stock there is one line coming from the cylinder, another goes to the head, and the third vented to the airbox. What airbox? Hence the wee breather filter you see under the race tail.

The street tail has been pretty much sorted, so until such time (ever?) it goes on the street, its now in storage. On with the race tail. I also removed the muy expensivo LHS cluster from the handlebars. Not needed on the track or in its current experiemental guise. That's a pretty cool oil tank, eh? Still no idea on the sidestand.

Rear brake line is on order. As well, a fairing stay and windscreen is en route from AF1 in the US. We're now into the details. Need to make a bracket to be welded to the steering head for the stay (so it can be removed if need be), and tidy things up. A fellow supermoto dude runs a 15-40 on his DRZ -- so I will track down one to replace the 14T I currently have. Will likely mean a re-engineered shift mechanism, but I have another steel stock shifter waiting to be modified. Would like to fit a temp guage and tach, and as stated earlier, a vapour might be the way to go. Knock wood (I have a headache!), it should be at Gimli this summer. Think I finally have the idle circuit sorted. Main jet should be close (160) -- needle nonsense next? Stay tuned...

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