Sunday, May 3, 2009


Some quick news. The DRZ mono runs. Fooling around with jetting, but it starts on choke, and quickly settles to a nice idle with it off. Took it for an illegal spin around the neighborhood, so I know it actually moves as well. Busy doing many little things, like moving the oil evap container, fitting a rad overflow and wiring up the rear taillight. Next step is getting a front fairing stay for the RS50 fairing and a windscreen. Also sent an email to Dave at Tigcraft to see if he can remeber what kind of kickstand was on the bike. The cheap (under $50) blue colored chain off of Ebay was crap. Paint is peeling already and rust is forming -- in the garage out of the rain? I guess you get what you pay for.

The Duc is scheduled to have a new VIN number assigned tommorow. After nearly 5 years, it will finally be "legal" in Canada. Can't wait to get a plate on it and take it for a rip. Put on a R1 radial master cylinder (16mm bore) -- feels 100% better at the lever. Will see if it gets rid of the wooden feeling with the MV master. Thats it for now, more pics to follow when I get time. This week is particularly insane at work.

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