Sunday, February 21, 2016


Not much going on the bike(s) front.  The cx500 Kids' Cafe Project is stalled out a bit while the kiddies are involved with basketball.  The zx7r has been under wraps for about a month.  Still waiting on the J model swingarm to be modified.  It's been at the welders since Christmas... been so busy at work I've haven't been able to get to his shop before he closes at 5 or so.  No sense calling -- should make a personal appearance, 'cause I'll have to re-explain what I want done.  No sense rushing, as it is still to cold for making a swingarm swap any fun.  Tires have been ordered from Ontario, but are sitting in warm storage at the shop -- will phone and arrange their delivery in April.  That leaves the Cafe 600 project.
 Still going around with the seat and tail light.  This is what I have now -- trying this round, DOT-marked light instead.  I have cut it into the fairing with a 1.5" hole saw, so that gives you a sense of how small the light is.  It's pretty bright, however, and does act as a running and tail light.

As I've said before, the tail fairing itself does not seem to properly match and "flow" with the rest of the bike.  I've kept searching for a tail fairing that isn't so large -- this seat was originally intended for a CB750, and to go on a stock, unmodified rear subframe.  So, it's a bit wide, and looks quite "fat" from the rear.  In searching out alternatives, it has been a real guessing game, as dimensions are not often specified in listings.

 That's changed, however, since I stumbled across these seats from Carbon Moto.  According their specs, this will fit the wide MZ subframe, with far less overhang, and is more narrow than what I have.  As a bonus, it has a clipped rear section, which will allow a flat mounting surface for either the inline LED lights I tried before, or the round one above.  It's in the UK, of all places, so I won't hold my breath... and shipping wasn't cheap.  But if their online specs are accurate, it should fit the subframe with minimal modification.  As I've been using rattlecan paint with clear, matching the front fairing will be quite easy.  I might give the race numbers on the side a try again, but much smaller to deal with any compound curves. 

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