Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Seat, and wiring completed

When I decided to switch the bike over to road use, I soon realized that the version 2 of the seat I had would not be suitable.  There was no "good" location to mount a tail light of any sort, and the pan itself was too narrow.  I had widened it somewhat, but would need a total re-do to make it suitable for the street.  I was out of epoxy resin and hardner (to the tune of about $100), and still needed matt and cloth.  For the price, a new seat that had the correct dimensions was the way to go, and I found one online.  A company in MN had one on ebay, and while the rear bubble is a bit big, it was properly wide enough to fit the subframe rails, once the seat pan had been trimmed for length.

Baby got back.  And a working DOT tail light, licence plate light, and turnsignals.  Sorted!

The ECU is now tucked under the seat, away from the engine heat.  The Baja Harness seemed to work better with it in this location.  Tail harness was a mile too long, but I was able to trim it and use proper OEM bullet connectors.

This needs a tad more trimming and a cleanup, but this aluminum plate helps protect the wiring connections for the rear lighting.

Parking light, like the rear tail light, comes on with the key and the engine stopped, so it's all kosher.  Old rag is protecting the bike from yet another dodgy used R1 master cylinder.  It has the proper 16mm bore, but this is the second with a weeping brake bleed bolt.  Its not been overtightened by me, but the taper was marred, so I bought a new one.  Looks like the flaw is in the master cylinder body itself, so I'm hooped.  Gonna try something else (stay tuned).

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