Sunday, March 15, 2015

Greenzilla is alive

The big kwacker is up and running.  New oil and filter, some tweaking with the pilot screws, cleaned the air filter, and got the Koso dash up and running.
So the gauge is so much smaller than the stock cluster I had to come up with the carbon background.  And yes, the unit HAS to sit where it is to clear the fairing stay bracket.

Wiring wasn't too terribly difficult.  Whereas others have run a line from the coil to the gauge, I spliced into the single black/yellow wire to the stock tach, and set the resistance on the gauge.  I also have a digital temp meter, and I set the odometer to the current mileage (kilometerage?)

Hey it's Christmas!  This is right after you turn the key -- the red center light is the shift light, and there are even 2 yellow warning lights you can set.  The gear indicator (and fuel level) I've turned off... not sure a digital gear indicator will work with a non-fi bike.  We'll see...

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