Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wheel alignment

With the spacers back from the friendly machinist, I was able to centre the swingarm into the frame.  With that accomplished, it was time to align the rear wheel -- to centre it in the swingarm.
As the tire is crowned, and the swingarm asymmetric, it took some time and careful measuring to make sure things were lined up.
I am using a drz400 rear brake caliper and bracket, as according to research, it is quite close to being the right size.  In my application, however, it needs to be machined down somewhat.  So it was back to the machinist with some instructions and some measurements, based on my work with the micrometer and vernier calipers.

With the correct width determined for the brake side, I set about finding out the proper size of spacer for the drive side.  I usually start with my various spacers and gubbins I've collected over the years and see what fits.  Some initial observation shows that this spacer, from some unknown application is quite close.  Here is where we will start, anyway.  The KTM wheels turned out to be in very nice condition.  More to follow as parts come in and work is done.

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