Sunday, October 26, 2014


Here are some weight figures. Each wheel was placed in a like box and weighed on a postal scale... so the weights are likley 1-2 lbs high, but its relative. The rear 7R and galespeed wheels were weighed in the same box, likewise for the front. So the figures are less important than the weight difference.
Configuration. Both front and rear wheels of the 7R and Galespeed wheels were stripped. No rotors, etc. Those accessories were included after.

Rear wheel, cush drive and alloy sprocket

7R                           Galespeed                        Difference
21.4038 lb              18.275 lb                            3.1288 lbs

Front wheel, no rotors. Galespeed with spacers, 7R without

7R                           Galespeed                         Difference
14.00 lb                   11.6138 lb                               2.3908 lbs

total wheel weight savings: 5.519 lbs

Rear rotor

7R                             Braking (9r pattern)                            Difference
2.7236 lb                    1.2496                                              1.474 lbs

So, about 6.9 lbs.

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