Monday, April 29, 2013

Piston Broke Racing Team Principal and Lead Rider Injured in Training Accident

The 2013 race season was temporarily in question as Piston Broke Racing lead rider, James Sheppard, was injured in a preseason training accident.
Sheppard was about to start the return leg of a 5K run when he fell on a slippery section of a running path near the team headquarters in Brandon, Manitoba.  Like most racers, as the run wore on, he tried to keep in mind the state of the rubber he was using.
"My Adidas Supernovas are about a year old, and like a worn set of tires, they were at the end of their service life in regards to grip.  On top of that, it happened at the turnaround point of my run, so I still had 2.5K to go."
Perseverance did pay off, however.  He got a wee bit of sympathy from a cute female runner on the way home, and even more from his wife upon his return.  Despite this setback, Sheppard vows to continue the training regimen.
"The trip to Motorsports Park Hastings is in a couple of weeks, so I want to make sure I have the endurance to maximize track time over the two days.  Besides, I usually crash 1-2 times per year, so if this is 1, then I could be done crashing for the season."

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