Sunday, September 30, 2012

A bit o' Paint

New season, new paint job.  I guess there are more expensive habits than a couple of rattle cans of spray paint, some sandpaper, and some stickers...
 In other news, the lower triple clamp arrived.  Swapping it out, it appears it fixed the twisted fork problem of the final round.  The tubes themselves are straight, and upon closer inspection, the twist in the clamp was quite apparent.  I removed the 4 allen bolts from the old lower triple, and tossed it into the garbage.  Newspaper and masking tape to help the new seat pad mate with the tail section.
Lower belly pan.  Shortened in order to work with the new exhaust.  Race numbers will be put on this piece of bodywork, as the tail section is too small to fit numbers.
 New tank -- the original was looking pretty worse for wear.  Although this is not new itself -- 50 bucks off of ebay, with a few minor dents.
The tail section.  Less than perfect masking and striping gives it "character"!  You also can't see the wee bugs who committed suicide by landing in the wet clearcoat.  The joys of spraying yourself, outdoors.  The good old Devilbiss gun worked again.

Awaiting the ram air intake to begin to fit the oversize radiator.  Also, a new rear thumb brake, some z1000 gauges, and the front numberplate need to be fitted.  Eventually, the forks will go off to Racetech for the upgrade.

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