Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rebuild almost complete

I'm a seat pad away from having the cosmetic refresh complete on the ex650.  Doug had kept all of his old hotbodies stuff from his ex650 racing days, so I took advantage and grabbed the bodywork off of him.  While that took place, I set about stripping the paint off of the oil tank (there was no leak), and priming and painting the new tail section and repainting the front and rear fenders. 

As you can see, it looks a bit like someone spilled a paint pallette on the machine, with the blue, black, orange, and burgundy wheels (with a green chain!).  I guess I don't look at the bike while I am riding it, but a few less colors would be nice.  Maybe I'll do something with the wheels over the winter.

I also finished the rearset plates.  I put some more time into these ones, with a bit of swoopyness happening here.

As for the cooling, I'm gonna try to mock up an oil cooler.  This mocal unit will fit under the front fairing stay, tucked into the nose of the bike.  May allow for some ducting to take place as well.

The woodcraft lever guards did their job last round -- saved the cluch lever, and also my left hand, no doubt!  Big news is that this upcoming week/weekend is the Chris Peris school.  Stay tuned for a full report -- apparently Jake Zemke is to make an appearance as well!

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