Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where are you Running?

Plug for those Lenny Kravitz fans out there.  Got both machines running -- the ex650 fired up relatively easy, now that the weather is pushing +10.  New exhaust sounds great, but I think the new bigger throttle bodies are making it a tad lean -- runs a bit higher than I'd like, even with the throttle return stop backed right off.  Flowing more air, then!  Off to the tuner to match the fuel to the air.

Getting closer getting the jetting right with the Husky.  Took awhile longer to start, but when it did, it idled much better with the 55 pilot.  HMF muffler also quite a bit quieter as well.  No leaks, cooling system appears to be doing its job.  Headers weren't glowing red, so I really think I am on the right track.  Still a minor pop at idle when you rev the throttle.  The remote fuel screw really came in handy -- it worked well enough with the 55, but with the screw 4.5 turns out.  Considering it shouldn't be any more than 1.5-2.5 turns, I still need to go bigger on the pilot.  Off to Scotty's for a range of 58-65 to keep experimenting.  I also have fabricated a filter based on a foam/mesh filter from a VW race buggy.  Will post pics of that when I am done.  Finally, thinking I would develop the 610sm into some really neat engine, with a bit of hot-rodding, I stumbled upon this when surfing the web:

Some engineering geniuses have mated a Ducati 999 cylinder and head to a 610sm case (like what I have).  They've switched from cam chain to belt, as well as a dry clutch!!!  The transmission and case remains intact, so it is still a 6-speed, with the cable clutch.  It loses the electric start, so rollers would have to be used.  Staggering ingenuity!


Chris said...

great blog. I'm especially interetsed in the supermono build. Can you give us a clue who is putting Ducati cylinder heads on the husky?

James said...

A place called startrick tuning in Holland, I think. Link above.