Monday, February 20, 2012

more fake bikes

As there is little to do right now with the real machines, I fiddled around with another Tamiya model.  This one is Carlos Checa's 2005 Yamaha YZF-M1.  It's painted in preseason testing livery.  I always thought nothing looked more like a "works" machine than a bike that has pre-season, pre-sponsor colors.  Most are finished in raw carbon fibre, or simply painted black with minimal logos.
Like a lot of motorsports, this Yamaha team was sponsored by a tobacco company.  Normally known as "Fortuna", in countries that banned cigarette adverts, it was changed to "Spain's No. 1".

Number one what?  Not fooling anyone!  The screen normally had a garish red decal, but instead I masked and sprayed the lower segment flat black, which allowed the #7 decal to be applied.

Nice stubby termi can.  The panels are all cleared with a semi-gloss clear.  Camera and light picks up some of the glare, as well as small specs of dust.  Applied the decals and used 2 coats of matt clear on the swingarm.

The box reveals the same bike in race colors.

Clutch detail.

Checa in the 2004 preseason tests.

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