Sunday, December 12, 2010

a few tweaks

With the bike apart again (bike club 2010), it was time to make a few subtle modifications to the frame.  Very simple, but knocked a pound or two off the overall weight.  As the engine mounts didn't use them, and no kickstand will ever be used, the lower part of the frame rails were removed with my tubing cutter.  Should also allow the fabrication of a slightly better gear change mechanism -- but that won't take place for awhile, until the engine is back in the frame.
You can also see how nicely a tubing cutter works -- a clean cut, with just a dressup with a file to get rid of any sharp edges.  Now just need to find some rubber plugs to stick in the bottom.

You will also notice a different remote resevior -- from a fox shock fitted to a vfr 750.  Checked the spring rates, and it should be in the ballpark for my bike's needs as well.  Triple adjustable and rebuildable as well, whereas the stock 900rr model was a throwaway item... and based on the leaking seal, it was time to throw it away!
In other news, just waiting for the 28mm needle bearings to come in the mail.  Atom-Jet will then bore the swingarm pivots to suit.  As well, with the engine out and at school, its time to check the valves.  Doubtful that they are out of spec, but while the engine wasn't run for long, it was run pretty hard.  Will be interesting to see what comes up.

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