Sunday, October 10, 2010

Swingarm Swap

Started the process yesterday to switch out the steel ex swingarm for that of the versys.  Old rear swinger cam out fairly simply... and it looks like more of the parts are interchangable than originally planned, which will save me some money in the swap.  Did some comparison of part numbers on, and I already have $60+ of reusable parts, in the form of spacers, oil seals, etc.  I still need to order some items, but it will be far cheaper than I thought.
 While I was at it, I also removed the front countershaft sprocket.  I have a leftover racing chain with low miles that is slightly shorter than stock.  My hope is to shorten the gearing for racing, but go to a 13-43, rather than the stock 15-46.  The original chain had to be cut off anyway, so I went with a 520 set.  For longer tracks, I will switch to a 14-43, essentially back to stock gearing, but with the smaller sprockets overall.  Dad's bringing those in for me in a week or 2.

The bike is held up by a stand that I originally built to pass through a hollow rear axle -- this time, I just put a 3/4 inch tube through one of the hollow frame spars, and it lifts the back end up without using a rear stand.

The shock will also be sent out for a rebuild and revalve -- not sure whose weight it was set up for, and it is also weeping a bit around the seal. 

Note how much more beefy the rear swingarm is from stock -- and its still 4 lbs lighter!  Rear brake caliper hanger and caliper, along with the rear wheel spacers can be reused.

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