Monday, August 23, 2010


Took the ex out to the test facility yesterday.  No definitive proof that what I'd done to the electronics  since the last race weekend had solved the problem, so with hope in my heart I headed South with the bike on the trailer.  I'd know if I'd fixed the issues within about 10 seconds of running the bike in.  Up and down the runway once to warm it up.  Come around for the first WFO run and.... whoa! (relatively speaking) -- she goes!  The aggravating thing about this little-used runway is the layer of gravel on the tarmac.  It got to the point where on the third accelleration test, the rear wheel was spinning up.  And no FI light coming on and reverting the bike into "limp" mode.  It runs as it shoud.

I also did my best to bed in the new brake pads, and suffice to say, it also stops quite well.  I did a panic stop, locking up the front and compressing the forks fully in order to ensure the front fairing did not hit the front fender on full compression.  I even found a relatively clean stretch of pavement to practice a few starts... hmm... getting a bit ahead of myself here!

So, aside from installing the Muzzy (on its way according to an email I got today), the tires, and the bellypan, the bike is race ready.  All that's left is adjusting and tweaking some of the details, and perhaps fine-tuning the suspension at the back end.

This guy's coming for a visit in a few days...

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