Tuesday, December 22, 2009

outsourcing again -- UK this time.

Not a lot to report... no word on the exhaust, although I think I might make a coffee run out to Cycleboyz to spread some Christmas cheer and peek in on the progress (if any).  I've also been keeping my eye out for proper race bodywork for the 'mono, for 2 reasons -- weight, for one, as the ABS plastic on the bike right now is quite heavy.  And, if I plan to ride the thing at trackdays and eventually race it, I need proper fairings with an oil retaining bellypan.  Not a huge issue with a 2-stroke, but the mono is a 4-stroker, and I hope to be carrying around close to 3 litres of the slippery stuff.  God forbid the bottom end goes, but anything can happen on the track.  The only place that had bodywork which would "work" was Armourbodies.  Canadian, of all things, and they had an RS50 fairing kit... but stupidly expensive at over $800!  However, some ebay trolling found a pre 2006 RS125 race pattern bodykit -- should be close to the RS50 stuff, as the 50, 125, and 250 all use the same windscreen!  This is out of the UK, but I could get it shipped to Canada, with the currency exchange, for under $300!

According to the posting, the dzus fasteners are included, although I will have to fiddle with the fitting -- note no windscreen bolts are included/ no holes drilled, and likely some of the bellypan will have to be modified to fit the exhaust.  Pretty straightforward, in all likelihood (and compared to what I'm used to).  This, combined with the RS125 (Honda) race tailsection I scored for cheap should make the bike look a little more sleek, and save some weight.  Of course, this gives me the opportunity for yet another paint scheme... I think I might revert back to my "lucky stroke" roots...

I had a student create this logo for me in the late 90s, when I was still racing 2-strokes.  I think it is particularly appropriate for the mono, for a number of reasons -- it's in the colors of the "lucky" Irish flag; the engine is a torque-loaded thumper, which implies the "stroke" of the the engine.  The process of getting the base frame from Dave, getting it home for free in carry on luggage, getting a mis-labeled DRZ400 engine for cheap, having a lot of parts mate up far easier than they should, and this being the 3rd frame I've built myself, all leads to the "lucky" moniker...  and of course, I'm feeling pretty fortunate this time of year (as I should all the time) to have the opportunity to ride, race, build the parts, have a patient wife, willing co-conspirators in my parents, etc. etc.....

So, imagine this paint scheme... the red becomes the Irish Lucky green, and the grey (which looks black in this photo) the golden yellow... all on a white background.  Might end up looking like a "Skoal Bandit" bike, or a "Kool" tobacco paint scheme from a distance.  We'll have to think on it a bit.

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