Thursday, October 22, 2009

deja vu all over again

This picture probably looks a bit familiar -- both of my road bikes are in pieces, with engine work to be done, and frames to be painted. Two at a time seemed reasonable! The supermono frame and swingarm were locally sandblasted and then primed. I am going to leave the frame in primer for now, using the light grey paint to allow me to inspect for any stress cracks over the next few seasons. The rear swingarm will be sprayed black with "hammer" paint.

I was also able to get the cylinder on the 'mono honed, and it was installed on the case with the new rings, E base gasket, and a liberal coating of oil in the cylinders and on the piston. Waiting for the heads to come back from Sinceros Speed Works. Eddie emailed to say he had recieved the heads and cams -- he just needs to install the valves, new rings, and shim the cams on the bench and send it back. Oh yeah, and I need to give him some money.

This hammertone or hammerite paint is pretty good stuff. Needs a decent couple of coats to really do the job, but it is fairly durable for a rattlecan. About as good as you can get short of powdercoating. On an amazing side note, by using DRZ400 bushings and Aprilia Pegaso torrington bearings, I can do away with the bronze bushings I farted around with for so long last winter... combining the two allows me to use the 17" bolt that also works in the engine case. No more "slip fit" engineering -- the proper torque can now be used attaching the swingarm. More pics in the future will explain.

And speaking of powdercoating, the Ducati frame is off to get recoated gloss black. Meanwhile the engine is on the bench, getting ready to take a trip into Winnipeg. When all was said and done pricing out tools, gaskets, and opening and closing shims, I have decided to let the local Ducati dealer (Wildwood) do it for me. The labour costs will be cut down drastically because the engine is out of the frame. As well, the proper tools and shims are at their disposal, so the turn around time should be much quicker. And when they are done, they can re-set and re-tension the belts. I have been quoted "no more than 4 hours @ $80/hr". Hopefully they come in under the budget. If not, I will certainly make no bones about it!


DougsMUZ660 said...


I've been following your blog since you picked up your Tigcraft frame (very nice find). I have a production MuZ frame that I'm modifiying (my second muz 660). I was wondering if you have a weight of your Tigcraft frame (w/o swing arm)as it now stands. Keep up the great work - keep the updates coming!

Doug in New Jersey

James said...

Hi Doug -- No proper scales at my disposal, but I'd say its around 10-12 lbs. I could try and do a proper measure with the bathroom scales shortly.

Thanks for the comments -- do you have a reciprical link to your blog/website?