Monday, March 16, 2009

Some updates

On a lark, I decided to see if the tail section I had for a 748 would work on the supermono. Turns out, the seat (a "real" seat, not a piece of foam) slotted right into the frame rails that made up the rear subframe. Note as well the turn signals installed -- they serve two jobs -- both as indicators, and the stalks double as a fairing mount -- not load bearing -- just keeps things at the right angle.

This is a fairly ratty one I bought for around 20 bucks. Needed a bit of work to get to this point -- its set up to fit on the Ducati for use on track days -- it was originally a biposto seat, but I used some foam to create a proper hump -- the battery on the Duc, and interestingly the 'mono, fits under the hump. Note the rear shock remote reseviour in this pic...

Actually looks pretty good -- the "up sweep" of the exhaust pipe matches the angle of the tail section as well.

All in all, might be a more comfortable option than the tyga seat I got. My thoughts are a Ducati seat and tail section can go in place during street riding, and the targa tail can be used on trackdays. We will see. Again, not rushing out and buying anything yet. Remember, its not running! You can't see it, but I installed stainless oil hoses in place, and proper hose clamps as well. The wheels are off to Scotty's... yes, normally I do my own tires, but I can't get the bloody beads to seat no matter what... I'll let the experts do it for me... Might be because they are older race tires with stiffer sidewalls -- a set Wilson gave me to test the bike out, prior to buying new rubber.

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