Monday, February 16, 2009

Merci, M. Riel!

Today is Louis Riel Day in Manitoba -- AKA Family Day in other parts of Canada. That means a day off -- the garage beckoned. My goal was to mount the oil tank and finish the exhaust. By 5 p.m. I had finished for the day, pretty much accomplishing what I set out to do. The pic at left shows the exhaust with custom hanger, with the oil tank sitting just in front of the engine.

This is the front of the oil tank. The drain can be seen at the top, while the oil return (to the engine) is on the bottom, unseen in this pic. The bolt at the bottom is the oil drain. To fill, I will have to loosen the two mounting bolts to get access to the grey cap to the right.

Tail section and tank in place. Note that the cap on the exhaust has been removed. It is a really nice magnesium piece, removable with 5 bolts. I took it off to paint, as it suffered a few scratches in the fall (which resulted in the exhaust can being put on ebay in the first place).

The seller indicated the exhaust canister was from a ZX10R. Turns out it slid right into place (after I bought the correct adapter from Canadian tire). Basically the header is 1 3/4" throughout, and then it expands to 2" at the exhaust. My plan is to remove the Two Brothers logo (pop rivets) and "flip" the can around 180 degrees. That way, the undamaged side will be facing out. Then I will rivet the logo back into place on the other side of the exhaust canister.

Everything mounts up very well. The oil tank is offset to the right (as you sit on the machine), and is far enough from the front wheel that the tire will not touch on full compression. All in all, a workable solution. I suppose the location could be better, but unless I pay big bucks and get something custom fabricated, this will have to do. At least it will allow me to run the bike as is... as soon as the weather improves!

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